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Cici talks about the gelatin she saw previously while in the cafeteria. Right away it caught her attention and an Earth girl nearby was telling her about all sorts of cool things you can do with gelatin. Cici asks the readers if they can guess why she likes it so much, then reveals that because like her, it's basically invisible, but with some coloring and style you can change it into something cosmic-cool!

Cici then asks the readers if they ever get inspired by things at school.

Meet Cici Thru

Cici greets the readers before she explains her name and mission to everyone. She mentions that because she has an invisible body, she has to wear special skins to be seen better. Otherwise she would just face into the background!

Cici explains that her fashion style changes on a daily basis, and she hates to blend in. She also points out her favorite earth food and personality.

Before she quits the entry, she asks what other things she could try to dress up as.