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Gail talks about how she and Cici feel to be ignored and compares it to a catepillar that goes unnoticed until it's transformation into a brilliant, colorful butterfly!

Without their color skinz, she and Cici would be invisible. No one would see them and pass by them without even knowing. Although it can be found sometimes, they want to be seen by everyone else too.

Gail then asks the readers what sort of skinz they would think up for them.

Peanut Butter

Malie has introduced Gail to Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches today and she wishes to discuss them. Gail admits she thought peanut butter was a literal item of its name: butter with peanuts in it. Gail begins to explain where the term comes from before she admits to how good it tastes.

Gail asks the readers if they eat peanut butter, then asks about other earth foods that sound like one thing, but end up being something different.

Meet Gail Lexi

Gail introduces herself and her mission, as well as personality and she points out that she needs to wear stellar skinz, like Cici, in order to be seen properly. She can be anything she wants to be with them!

She mentions her most favorite earth food, then mentions her love of playing hide and seek. Gail also points out that she wants to learn to stand out better and asks what she could do in order to be more noticed.