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Sila really wants to find a cute pair of fashionable sunglasses for herself after she saw all the cool pairs the others wore to Orbit Beach. But being a single-eyed girl, she simply can't find a single thing!

She did find one item, a monocle, but it didn't really look stylish or fun, so she didn't bring it home with her. So she asks for advice.


Sila starts with a cute joke about spelling and her one eye, but realizes it isn't very funny before she moves on. This week she's been studying for the spelling bee. Her plans include memorizing as many words as possible. So she's been studying a huge dictionary by repeating words over and over and then spelling it out loud. She then plans to have her friends pick random words for her to spell later on.

Sila asks if this sounds like a good learning technique before she asks for some other tips.

Meet Sila Clops

Sila introduces herself to the readers while explaining the very first place she wants to go to is New York since she thinks her fashion would fit in quite well. She begins to describe herself as being bright, happy, friendly, and she plans to help everyone else become as happy and positive as she is!

So far, she really likes to eat carrots and play flashlight tag. She does not understand why people are so frightened by the dark and adds that she wants to learn how to wink while she's on Earth.

Sila asks what other cool places she should go and visit.